Husqvarna 340iBT Puhaltimet ryhmässä Husqvarnan metsä- ja puutarhatuotteet / Husqvarna Lehtipuhaltimet / Akkupuhaltimet @ GPLSHOP (9677962-02)
Husqvarna 340iBT Puhaltimet
Husqvarna 340iBT Puhaltimet
Husqvarna 340iBT Puhaltimet
Tuotenro: 9677962-02

Husqvarna 340iBT Puhaltimet

€462 / €423
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  • Experience outdoor cleaning work with impressively low levels of noise and vibrations with this powerful and well-balanced backpack battery blower. The blower provides an impressive blowforce of 17N and features an intuitive user interface as well as two slots for BLi batteries with auto-switch that keeps you going until the work is done.

    Brushless motor
    High torque to weight ratio for increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced noise and longer product-life.

    Intuitive key pad
    Handle with new intuitive user interface. Size of buttons adapted for easy maneuvering even with gloves. The battery bar on the keypad shows the battery status, helps you to plan your work based on the remaining runtime.

    Low maintenance
    No refilling of fuel, less parts to serve and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operation costs.

    Li-ion power
    The Li-ion battery provides long lasting power and top class performance.

    One battery fits all
    The BLi-battery pack is designed for recurrent demanding use. It fits all our handheld machines, which allows you to quickly switch the same battery between a trimmer, blower, chainsaw* and hedge trimmer and keep working. (* a chain saw always require battery BLi20/BLi200)
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  • Melutaso: 94 db(A)
    Paino ilman akkua: 6.3
    Virtaus putkessa: 11.5 m³/min
    Puhallusvoima: 12 N
    Puhallusvoima, Boost Mode: 17 N
    Akun jännite: 36 V
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