Kuulonsuojaimet, X-COM R, Bluetooth ryhmässä Husqvarnan metsä- ja puutarhatuotteet / Husqvarna Ruohonleikkurit / Lisävarusteet ruohonleikkurit @ GPLSHOP (5950840-01)
Kuulonsuojaimet, X-COM R, Bluetooth
Kuulonsuojaimet, X-COM R, Bluetooth
Kuulonsuojaimet, X-COM R, Bluetooth
Tuotenro: 5950840-01

Kuulonsuojaimet, X-COM R, Bluetooth

€286 / €257
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  • As a professional, you need to be focused on what you?re doing, but at the same time never lose your connection to the world. The new Husqvarna X-COM R with Bluetooth enables you to take and make phone calls effortlessly. To that you can add more comfort and flexibility along with user-friendly controls. You will always stay connected ? and safe. Headband mounted.

    PTT Easy-To-Use Talk-Button
    We have developed the highly requested talk-button to be larger and therefore more accessible. You will never have to miss a call again. In quieter surroundings, simply push the button to answer incoming calls and
    talk comfortably into the integrated microphone. For louder surroundings we recommend using the external boom mic, available as an accessory
    Built- in Microphone
    The built-in microphone can be used without external "boom mic" in less noisy environment.
    "Boom mic" is available, SOLD SEPARATE

    Music Streaming Keypad
    Stream music from your phone ? easy and simple. Use the control buttons on your X-COM R while your phone stays in your pocket.

    Integrated Battery
    Because of fewer openings, the integrated battery has lower risk of getting wet and sustain water damage.

    Comfort Pad
    A comfort pad made especially for X-Com R headband version. This pad will provide optimized comfort to your head - making your everyday use a pleasure.

    Integrated FM Antenna
    There is nothing more frustrating then getting stuck in branches or brushwood.
    With the built-in FM antenna you don't have to worry about getting stuck, nor compromising the reception. Simply focus on getting the job done.

    Battery type: Lithium Ion
    Battery voltage: 3,7V
    Charger type: USB
    Noise reduction
    SNR: 27dB (A)
    NRR: 22 dB(A)
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